i recommend downloading this (if you have windows) because it has a nifty little screenshot tool to share your creations :•]

for ludum dare 38, my friend and i created a world painting toy in gamemaker:studio! they made the objects and backgrounds, and i made the UI, all the code, and the music!

the sound FX are from WarioWare: DIY

click and drag objects to build your world, and click the arrows to change the background!

planned (post-mortem) features:

  • QR code world saving/loading
  • filters
  • more backgrounds

have fun!!


windows download


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no me encanta mucho mala pokemon


It's a wonderfully weird 'drawing' game. <3 All the little objects in combination with the odd background song with all the burps cracked me up the first time I played it. :D That's why I included it in one of our compilation articles about the Ludum Dare 38 and also showed it off in the related showcase video. :)

Best wishes,

ze best gaim in ze wurkd